Welcome to my world of True Crime podcasts

Monday through Friday, I like to start my day off with true crime podcasts. Starting my morning off with murder was never something that I had planned on, but now it’s part of my daily routine.

Throughout the work day I like to bounce around between the ones I’m subscribed to depending on my mood, if any have recently released a new episode, or a friend’s recommendation to listen to a specific episode.

I came late to the podcast bandwagon, not really getting into them until 2017. My first podcast wasn’t a true crime one specifically. Lore, a podcast about folklore, paranormal situations, and strange happenings was right up my alley and I was hooked after just the first episode. I did the audio-equivalent of binging and started to look for ones in the same realm of creepiness.

This led me to the world of true crime podcasts.

I found a couple that I liked; some are long established and staples of the genre, like My Favorite Murder, and others that I watched grow into full productions, like And That’s Why We Drink, which features both paranormal stories and true crime ones. Wine & Crime is one of the most enjoyable to listen to because it’s a group of women “unleashing their worst Minnesotan accents” while telling a true crime story related to the theme of the week and drinking a bottle wine. The themes range from arson to exorcisms gone wrong and everything in between.

More than 60 percent of true crime podcasts are run by women, who are also the genre’s the biggest audience. I’ve joined Facebook fan page groups and made friends with fellow listeners. Overall, the true crime fanatic world is filled with welcoming people who just want to talk about serial killers and debate over the best way to hide a body.

I branch out occasionally from these macabre subjects for more educational topics like Philosophize This, The History Chicks, and This Podcast Will Kill You, so I feel like I’m learning something while still enjoying the conversational format typical of podcasts.

Even though the subject matter is dark, the presenters have a way of making it light-hearted with side jokes and banter. While one presenter is talking about a grisly family murder that took place 50 years ago, another presenter might chime in with a remark about how the murderer’s name was also the name of her first boyfriend. The light-hearted tone of these podcasts juxtaposed with the dark subject matter, are what make them so enjoyable and so popular among listeners.

Some of my other favorite podcasts are:




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