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Streaming: Once the wave of the future, it seems now everybody’s doing it.  As a subscriber of YouTube Red, I have access to thousands of videos without any commercial interruption. I enjoy seeing vlogs and learning about movies and theme parks. With that in mind, here are my favorite channels that I am currently subscribed to.

1) Travis McBee

Travis is a published author, and he makes advice videos for aspiring authors. I am an aspiring novelist, so I have found his channel to be especially helpful. McBee’s channel stands out because his advice is blunt and straight-to-the-point. He does not sugarcoat anything and gives his viewers honest advice. He takes questions from Twitter and the comments section, and he will gladly tell anyone when they should abandon a terrible idea. Often, writers have brilliant ideas that cannot always be fully realized in literature. Not every action or piece of dialogue has a place in every book, and McBee speaks to the audience as if they were his friends. His brutal honestly can take a few videos to get used to, but it is refreshing to see a voice of reason on the Internet. All of his advice should be taken with caution, but even so, comment section posts by fellow viewers can be helpful. I’ve had viewers answer my questions, as his channel facilitates open dialogue and creates a sense of community. Also, his pets are adorable, and his cat rarely ever leaves him alone on the videos.

2) Honest Trailers

This channel is also known for its brutal honesty, as it takes a look into some of Hollywood’s greatest films. The channel is called “Screen Junkies,” and not every video is an “honest trailer,” but they are absolutely hysterical. My favorite one is the trailer for Disney’s “Frozen.” These parody trailers make fun of plot holes and point out the tropes that do not work. At the end of each video, the narrator makes up ridiculous nicknames for the lead actors, and my stomach hurts from laughing so hard at all of them. The trailers debut every Tuesday, and the creators take ideas from the viewers as well. Each year, they make one collective trailer for the Oscars, which is a helpful way to learn about the movies that have been nominated.

3) Defunctland

The Defunctland series on YouTube debuted on Feb. 15, 2017 and has been educating viewers for two seasons. This series provides a factual look into amusement park attractions that are no longer in operation. Most videos discuss attractions from Universal Studios and Disney theme parks; however, season two features global theme parks and cancelled television shows. The narrator’s voice is accompanied by videos and images of the attractions. My favorite episode is about the history of Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Drachen Fire. This infamous roller coaster was notorious for its painful inversions, and its backstory is so incredible that it almost sounds fictional. The engineering company that built it used technology they had never used before to construct it. This YouTube series has taught me that amusement parks are not infallible, and that major missteps and mistakes can occur. Even Disney makes mistakes, as I saw in the episode about Disneyland California Adventure’s “Superstar Limo.” This ride closed less than a year after it opened, because guests were unhappy with it.

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