Disabling Comments Won’t Stop the Hate

YouTube is one of my favorite media outlets in general, as I subscribe to more than 100 different channels. However, some channels receive negative comments on videos for any number of reasons. One YouTube personality, Morgan Joyce, was fed up with all the hate comments, so she decided to disable all comments on her videos. Morgan is a vegan and she works as a hairdresser and model. She is an avid fan of tattoos, and her videos are all about fashion, hair, beauty, and tattoos.

I disagree with her decision to disable comments, because it prevents a discussion among her audience of viewers. Morgan lives in New Jersey and discusses some events and products that are native to her home state. She has a global audience, so viewers would ask each other questions and receive answers in her comments section. She’s removed this section entirely, which removes an open forum for discussion of her videos as well.

Morgan claims she “…was being bullied and harassed,” in the comments section and she couldn’t take all the horrible feedback. However, Morgan has public Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages, so viewers can still send her hate comments through these social media channels.

I strongly disagree with her decision to disable comments, and as a public figure, these types of criticisms come with the territory when she chose to put herself on the Internet for anyone to dissect. The one video that led to her decision was a Tag video that starred her now ex-boyfriend. In the video, she is clearly talking over him, interrupting his sentences, and in some cases, even answers questions for him. Viewers took note and vocalized their strong opinions that Morgan was being rude to her suitor. I did not post any negative comments; however, I silently agreed with the critics. Sure, viewers could have made recommendations as to how she could improve her communication skills. The public video showed an unhealthy relationship. I felt bad that the poor man could not even get out a full sentence. I am not aware of the details of the entire break-up, but no one should remain in an unhealthy relationship.

Another YouTube personality has taken a different approach to negative comments. A channel entitled “TheLovelyBrooke,” stars Brooke, who is the sister of a known YouTube personality named BreeAnn Barbie. BreeAnn creates similar videos to Morgan Joyce; however, her channel features more vlogs and hauls. Brooke’s channel is also similar, but her vlogs tend to be longer. She posts a variety of videos that display her creative and quirky personality. She used to post book review videos but stopped because of all the negative feedback she received. Brooke has taken a healthier approach to YouTube comments. She really understands the harsh messages and has chosen to simply feature books in vlogs instead of reviewing them altogether. She listened to her critics and developed content that her viewers wanted to see. Instead of silencing the dissenters, she chose to stop making content that ignited criticisms.

Brooke’s strategy is a much more mature way to handle the hate. Morgan Joyce, on the other hand, says rude remarks about her critics and openly taunts her viewers to make rude comments. She is simply inviting the negativity and does not do anything to clean up her channel or address the criticisms she receives. I’m not suggesting her critics are right; nevertheless, it would be nice if she took their critiques into consideration.

Lastly, Qcknd, who hails from Philadelphia, recently made an entire livestream around social media and the Internet. This livestream did not directly address hate comments, but instead, focused on how easy it can be for a person to develop an unhealthy relationship with the Internet. Qcknd received a plethora of hate comments after her close friend tragically passed away. Critics came out of the woodwork to blame her for his untimely death and made false allegations. These criticisms were unfounded, as Qcknd blatantly didn’t discuss the details of his death and chose to stay private on the subject. Qcknd acknowledges the hate comments and her approach is to step back from social media. She’ll go weeks without making a post on any of her pages, and then return. She accepts that the harsh comments come with the territory and deals with it bravely, without the need to silence others.

Overall, rude comments are unfortunately a plague on the Internet. And while these words are not always true, it is imperative that all YouTube personalities accept that these critics are a sign they have truly found Internet success. Everyone has faced bullies and naysayers. The ways we deal with these words show who our true character is. There is a plethora of strategies to cope with the cruel opinions of others. And, disabling comments only silences the audience. It doesn’t stop people from thinking mean things. Some people post positive comments and send compliments just for attention online. On the other hand, sometimes the critics can have a point, and often, they are trying to be helpful even if it doesn’t always seem that way. Viewers should not be censored.  

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