How Does Pennsbury High School Have the “Best Prom In America?”

You never appreciate high school until you leave high school; this was the reality for many alumni of Pennsbury High School, including myself, once we went off to college. I mean, you get to top off your senior year by going to the “Best Prom in America” (according to Reader’s Digest.) I didn’t fully appreciate this reality until I went back this year as an alumni member and a volunteer.  

I attended Pennsbury’s prom last year as a senior and as a prom chair which made the whole experience even better because I was a part of making my prom since September of 2016. For my prom the theme was “Yo Philly,” and included a large Liberty Bell made out of styrofoam, a moving “LOVE” sign (also made out of styrofoam), and dozens of murals made by the students, parents, and faculty. It’s no surprise that they outdid themselves once again.

This year, there was a small waterfall and a large cake that astonished people in the lobby. And the artwork displayed on the murals decorated and transformed the school into various destination spots all over the world, as the theme was “Destination Prom.” From the tiki statues talking to each other to the large (and actually edible) cake provided by Piazza’s Bakery, this year’s prom was sure to be special for the seniors.

Not only is the school unrecognizable after being transformed by the 3D art and murals, we are able to get famous and talented performers to perform at prom. Last year we had Questlove and DJ Pauly D, and in years past we had John Mayer, Asher Roth, and Metro Station, and this year was Drake Bell accompanied by Pauly D once again.

The question everyone asks is: How do you get these performers to come? Many of the teachers and parents use the connections they have in their work lives or families to hopefully get famous performers to come to Pennsbury’s prom. Because this prom has been going on for decades, there is money saved up as well as donations that help fund the prom overall.

As a senior, there were many things I missed out on and didn’t know much about how this prom came about. It’s thanks to people like devoted and hard-working teacherAnthony Napoli, who strive to make prom a magical night for every senior attending. As for 3D art, Curtis May is the master behind all the crazy sculptures and designs that bring this prom to life. It’s not just Mr. May and Mr. Napoli alone though; they have dozens of parent volunteers and teachers who are just as excited to make prom better and better each year. In fact, many parents do not have a child in the high school, but simply come back to help because of how much they love it.

There is so much passion and love in one atmosphere that makes this prom possible. I had the privilege of working with so many parents and teachers who not only worked hard, but loved working on the prom as a whole. When it comes down to how we accomplish it all, it’s because of teamwork and everyone working to create and maintain the Best Prom in America.  

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